Fishing Nets

Wherever you fish – open seas, lakes, barrages (diversion dams) or operate an aquaculture farm, Cesit Mensucat can provide the precise netting for your needs. We use only the highest quality fishing nets materials and all of our fishing nets prices Turkey and fishing nets products are carefully inspected by quality control experts before they are shipped from the fishing nets turkey factory. And because of our large and diverse manufacturing capability, we can often deliver your order within a matter of days.

Traditional Knotted Fishing Nets

  • Troll Nets
  • Small Meshed Nets
  • Extension Nets
  • Large Scope (“Gırgır”) Nets
  • Floated Thwart Nets
  • Leaded Thwart Nets
  • Lake and Barrage Nets

Knotless Nets

  • Cage Nets
  • Large Scope (“Gırgır”) Nets
  • Netting Product Line – Available in Customized Sizes, Twine Densities and Strenghs as well as Colors According to Your Needs

Note: We also carry a large selection of related fishing nets, equipment and supplies